Thursday, May 1, 2014


Exciting news has hit my mailbox!
My first BULU BOX arrived on Tuesday!
I was so excited my first box arrived that I could barely contain my excitement to take pictures because I just wanted to try everything right then and there!
I recently became a Brand Ambassador for this fabulous company (seriously they have been the most fun, energetic, lively people to work with) and could not wait to start blogging about everything!
This is what you get when you bust it open!
Look at all that exciting happy goodness peaking out from every which way!
I had to hold myself back and try not to eat everything in one sitting.
The great thing about Bulu Box that I found out as soon as I opened it was that they send you this handy, dandy notebook notecard that has details about each product. It shows you the price they are on their website so if you fall in love with a product you can immediately order it off their website!
 What might be even better is what is on the back. Your own personal Sampling Journal to document how you felt before you tried the product and how you felt after. I love this. After a while of trying tons of different products your mind + your body starts to forget which is which, so this is a great way to keep track of what you liked, loved or maybe didn't like at all!
Great job/idea Bulu Box!
 Now let's get to the goods!
Dark Chocolate Chili Almond - Kind Bar
If you have ever had a Kind bar you know the goodness that is within this wrapping. If you have yet to have a Kind Bar I highly, HIGHLY recommend you go to the nearest store and buy... hmm... about 100. They are THAT good. They are made with all natural ingredients that you can actually see. Which is something that is totally unique to them. I have never had this flavor before and was a little skeptical, but today at work I tried it and it was delicious. It is currently my favorite Kind Bar flavor. It had just the right amount of sweetness but last minute throws you for a loop with the spiciness. I am in LOVE with this bar.
 Beauty Bursts
 Beauty Bursts are soft chews that aid with skin, hair and nail growth but in a delicious chocolate square! I have yet to try this one but seems pretty interesting.
Mestrength is an electrolyte + creatine powder that helps with endurance during a workout. According to the information card you are supposed to take it before and after workouts for the best results! Cannot wait to try this! Maybe before my FITtastic Friday workout on Friday?
Tapaz 2 Go
 I ate this today as a side to my lunch (recipe to come soon - it is super good) and this was so filling. The lentil crackers had such a great flavor that I do not even know what to compare them to. Maybe a cross between a pita chip and a wheat thin - but better! The hummus was actually amazing too! I was skeptical about eating hummus that wasn't refrigerated but hey, I ate it, I'm alive, so obviously it's okay!
White Shield  
 This stuff may be the most interesting thing that came in the box. White Shield is a coffee teeth preventative that all you do is brew your coffee, pour a glass, pour this stuff in, drink your coffee and goodbye coffee teeth! Seriously, who made this stuff up?
I want to meet them and hug them.
Smarty Pants - Gummy Vitamins for Grown Ups
I love the packaging on this cute little thing. It just makes me happy and feel better just looking at it. Maybe that is part of their method you don't even have to consume it to feel better! These cuties are gummies for grown ups that are an all-in-one multivitamin with Omega 3s, Vitamin D3, EPA and 9 other key nutrients your body needs! Cannot wait to try these! I'll update you guys on how they are!
I love surprises. Well Bulu Box was generous enough to give all of my readers a discount so they can try their own Bulu Box for 50% OFF ANY monthly box subscription!
All you have to do is either click the banner on my blog.
Use the Coupon Code: BULUGAN335
For both ways at check out to get 50% OFF!
Try it out - you won't regret it!
Well that's enough excitement for one night.
Hope everyone has a fit + fantastic day!
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*Disclaimer: This Bulu Box was sent to me as a promotional item to write reviews on the company and the products. My opinions are mine and mine alone and I received no compensation for my review/opinions. I love this company and the products so of course I was happy to do it!

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