Friday, May 2, 2014

APRIL Goals Recap + MAY Goals

Well, that was quick.
April is officially over and May just made its way right on in! But, I'm okay with it. It means more flowers, more sun, for fun, no more school - Woohoo!
I really enjoyed having goals for this month - it kept me on track and helped motivate me to always do my best!
April Goals Recap:
Goal #1
Be able to run 8 miles again. - Did not complete. This is a goal I am going to have to carry over into May/Summer. With school picking up, Spring Break and Easter, I let this goal slip to the back burner. I did run 3 times a week every week during April (except for the week of Spring Break) which I would say is a definite accomplishment!
Goal #2
Lose 10lbs. - Somewhat completed! Again, with school getting crazy, Spring Break and Easter this kind of fell to the back burner as well. I did not lose 10lbs but I DID lose 5! Which I am very happy about!
Goal #3
Reach out to long, lost friends. - Completed! This is a goal that I am extremely happy to say that I completed. I forgot how refreshing it is to be around people you have known your entire life. I'm lucky enough to have the types of old friends that no matter how long it has been since you've seen or talked to them, they make you feel as if you talked yesterday. Just last Friday I went and met up with 5 friends from high school that I hadn't hung out with since Freshman year of college. We had a great time laughing and cutting up. Actually last night one of my best friends, since middle school, and I went to Caliente (our favorite place). She guilt tripped me into singing karaoke on the outside stage (thanks Maegan...). AND we ran into another girl who went to middle school with us! She was nice enough to get on stage so I wouldn't be alone (Thanks Christina!). As humiliating as it was, I was glad I was with good company to laugh about it afterwards.
*Also, I don't think I made myself clear before. I am in NO WAY a good singer. Not even a little bit. So me getting on stage and absolutely belting out the lyrics to How To Touch A Girl by JoJo was not pleasant for anyone. Listen to the song here and you better believe I did what she did at minute 3:55-4:00.
Goal #4
Practice yoga every Sunday. - Did not complete. Yeah, about this one. Eh.. I didn't do this at all. Not even once. I had every intension to do it but I was always so buys! Over the Summer this is definitely going to be a priority for me.

Goal #5
Be outside as often as possible. - Completed! This was probably the easiest goal to complete! Since we went to Gulf Shores for Spring Break we were on the beach + outside all day for 4 days! When I got back from the beach on Wednesday we left for Texas the next day! We were at my Aunt and Uncle's cabin and therefore outside all the time! Check out my post about all the fun stuff we did while we were there!
 Now that April is over it's time to focus my time into next month's goals and trying to be my best me!
May Goals:
Goal #1
Stick to Paleo strictly 6 days out of the week. Since Lent ended I have not been sticking to Paleo much. This makes me sad because I loved being Paleo because of the way I felt while on it. I felt so energized, fresh, and fit. I miss that! This May I plan on sticking to Paleo at least 6 days out of the week! I definitely can do this - it's just a matter of keeping myself motivated instead of having Lent as my motivator.
Goal #2
Practice Yoga every Sunday. I will complete this this month! I also plan to try to do it outside and soak up nature as much as possible. I my try to do it at the LSU lakes or in my backyard. Wish me luck!
Goal #3
Continue to consistently lose weight. I have been very happy with where my fitness and health is going. I have been consistently losing weight since I started Paleo and that feels amazing! This month I definitely want to stay dedicated to this because there is nothing better than working towards a goal and achieving it.
Goal #4
Do not stoop down to other's negativity. Lately, other people's negatively has really started to effect me. I even have been a culprit of it myself. I have always hated how that happens - you hang out with one person and their negativity just takes over everything and it is all anyone can focus on. I never want to be that person and this is something I definitely am going to have to try to achieve. I don't want to let other's negative energy effect me in anyway. This is something that I will definitely have to consciously be aware of and work on.
Goal #5
Squat 200lbs by June. Right now I am currently squatting 185lbs. I can definitely accomplish this and soon. AND Peter recently bought me a bar cushion to help protect my neck and shoulders when I squat heavy weights. I think I may be most excited to accomplish this just for the pure satisfaction of being able to say "Hey, guess what! I can squat 200lbs!"
Goal #6
Be able to do 3 pull ups - unassisted. This is a goal I have had since January. I think I am getting closer to this every time I workout but I actually have not tried to do it in quite some time. I am definitely going to focus at least 5 minutes of my workout each day to doing the pull up machine with the assist and working towards doing it without the assist.
Goal #7
Be able to run 8 miles again. I am really going to try to work on this one! I definitely will accomplish this goal this month.

That's all for me!
Here's some inspiration I found on Pinterest the other day.


Have a fit + fantastic day!

What are your May Goals?


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