Friday, March 28, 2014

Happy FITtastic Friday!

Happy Friday Everyone!

Better yet, Happy FITtastic Friday!
I've decided to make Friday's my weekly days to post about fitness, fun, Fridayness and everything in between! So check in every Friday to see what's happenin!
On Monday, Wednesday, Friday I only have one class. A 7:30am jogging class.
I can hear the groans all the way on the other side of the computer screen... but I LOVE it! I love waking up early enough to get the most out of my day. It makes me feel like I am living just a little bit longer each day and that is definitely something to love!
On those days after my jogging class I like to work out a little more for about an hour to an hour and an half. Friday's are my favorite fitness days.
Because TGIF that's why!
Think about it. You're already in a great mood because it's Friday. You're already at the gym. Why not make the most out of your Friday workout and push yourself a little harder?

"Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don't shoot their husbands workout harder, they just don't do."

Gotta give myself a little pat on the back here. I set a goal earlier this week to be able to squat 130lbs again. I haven't been able to do that since high school. And today, I DID IT!
It felt amazing, and to see the looks on those guys' faces when I was doing it by myself... that was just an added bonus.

Today's Workout was pretty great!

Here's what it consisted of:

Squats 4x8
Barbell Lunges 2x10 (each leg) lifting opposite leg back
Barbell Squats 2x10 (each leg) lifting opposite to side (in video, ignore jump part)

Superset: 3 Cycles

Leg Machines:
3x10 Leg Curls
3x10 Inner Thigh Squeezes
3x10 Outer Leg Press

(16 minutes - Alternating Exercises every 30-45seconds)
Push Throughs
Bosu Ball Squats with Medicine Ball touching opposite foot
In and Outs
Heel touches
Bosu Oblique Crunches

*When the numbers say "3x10" this means to do 3 sets of 10 reps.
*A superset is doing a certain number of given exercises back to back taking a small rest after each cycle.
*Click the names of each exercise and it will take you to a short YouTube video showing you how to do each one with you are unfamiliar with it.
ShareItFitness is one of my favorite fitness companies and love the work they put into making fitness easy and convenient for everyone. Their YouTube videos are the best. They have every workout you can think of and they are each only about 15 seconds long. Straight forward, to the point. Can't ask for anything better!

While I was doing my Squats today I looked around and realized 2 things:
1. I was singing out loud and tapping my foot to my new favorite song to workout to - I Lived by One Republic. Check out the song here! Do I regret it? Nope, it's a great song... listen to it and tell me you don't start tapping your foot!
And 2. I was the ONLY girl working out on the "boys side" of the gym. Who made these rules? Who says girls can't workout on the same side as the boys? I've never seen any signs that say boys on this side girls on this side, have you? No. Be confident. Do it.

Couple things I've learned from my experiences at the gym:
1. Wear what makes you feel MOST confident! - never, never, never wear something you are not comfortable/feel confident in. That will directly reflect your workout. If you feel uncomfortable with how you look and if your "rolls" are showing your workout will suffer. Wear something that makes you feel strong and makes you want to power through that workout and work towards a better, stronger you!

2. Don't push yourself to look more intense! Go at your own pace! - Don't ever feel pressured to do more than you can by those around you. Yeah, the guy next to you may be bench pressing 150lbs. Does that mean I need to bump my weight up to something that is too high for me to handle? No. Go at your own pace. Realize that if you keep working at it you will be at that level.

3. Don't think about what others are thinking about you! Own the gym! - 9/10 the guy you think is staring at you, judging how "wimpy those weights you're lifting are..." is probably just checking himself out in the mirror. Thinking about how cool he looks in his cutoff tee. Don't let these people shake your confidence. Realize that you are there for you and not for the image of being there. Own the room and believe in yourself. Your workout will thank you for it!

4. Push yourself (within reason)! - No one of any importance got to where they are by coasting along! You have to push yourself to better yourself! But that doesn't mean jumping into something you aren't ready for. Know that to get better you have to challenge yourself and test your limits. If something seems like a bit too much, back off and try a lower weight or lower repetitions until your body feels comfortable. Push yourself again and see how you feel.

5. Make a confidence boosting, up-tempo playlist and zone in! - There is nothing more therapeutic like listening to an amazing playlist that is completely on point with how you are feeling. I know that for me different tempos make me workout differently. Listening to "Sail" is a great song for me to do  Bosu Ball Squats to because it makes me focus on my form and I zone into my balance. Check out the video on how to do these if you are really up for a balanced filled, strength training exercise.

6. Replay a positive quote in your head! - Think about your day ahead, think about what you want to get out of it. Do you need the clarity to do well on a test later that day? Do you need the strength to deal with a difficult situation? Think about a quote or a song lyric you love and hold onto that during your workout. Replay it in your mind when you start to feel fatigued and remind yourself of that.

7. Never give up! - You may not reach your goal today, or the next day or the next, but if you have the determination to get yourself there - YOU WILL. Realize that every day you work hard at it your strength, your confidence and your bod is getting better!

One of my favorite quotes that came on while I was working out was a song by One Republic. I usually listen to Counting Stars by One Republic Pandora station every morning while I workout. I just love the mixture of music! This song I realized had a lot of meanings, to me at least. And I thought that it was a great way to close today.

"I did it all
I owned every second that this world could give
I saw so many places, the things that I did
Yeah with every broken bone
I swear I lived"

Take this into your next workout. Wouldn't you rather leave a workout knowing that you "did it all" without stopping, not giving up? Leave everything you have out there and "own every second"... and live.

Have a fit and happy FITtastic Friday everyone!




  1. Lacey Seguin FranzMarch 29, 2014 at 7:43 AM

    I am so friggin' proud of you!!! Keep up the great work! Your attitude is inspiring and very, VERY contagious!!! Love youuuuuu. :)))