Sunday, May 18, 2014

Petco Adoption Day + Pretty Saturday - Afternoons Part 1

Yesterday, was one of my favorite Saturdays in a very long time. Saturday's are my favorite days to spend outside doing new, happy things and today was definitely one of those days!

This Saturday and Sunday (May 17-18th) is National Adoption Weekend at Petco! For those who know me personally, know that I am an avid rescue pup advocate! Last Summer my boyfriend, Peter, and I were planning on buying a puppy from a breeder because we wanted a specific breed. After many failed attempts to get in touch with the breeder we put getting a dog on the back burner. We thought it was a sign that we were meant to get a dog later!

On a random Sunday in July, I made plans to see a movie with a friend, my Mom and sister. My friend and I showed up early and noticed that they had pet adoptions going on at Orvis near the movie theater. Since my Mom and sister were running late we decided to check out the puppies. After petting every single dog, we got to a pen of 5 puppies - 2 black, 3 brindle. They had a few rambunctious ones but my attention went to the sweet one who was not barking, but wagging his tail constantly trying to lick me. I asked the puppy's foster mom if I could hold him and she immediately agreed! Apparently that sweet puppy, with 6 toes I might add, had been intentionally separated from his mother and abandoned with his 14 brothers and sisters in a shed. After a "failed attempt" to get rid of the dogs the owner of shed brought the dogs in saying "I tried to get rid of them but they won't die." All of the puppies had been adopted except for the 5 that were left.

Well, the rest was history. Once that sweet pup licked my nose, I was hooked. Four days later, Peter and I met up with the foster Mom and adopted Cabela on the spot.

Ever since adopting Cabela, I felt this need to help other dogs in his same situation! I started volunteering with a local non-kill animal shelter in Baton Rouge called Yelp!BR. I want to do whatever I could to help those dogs and puppies who might not have found their "forever home" yet and to feel as loved as possible. I have completely fallen in love with this organization and can not imagine a better way to spend my Saturday.
Along with Yelp!BR, Companion Animal Alliance of Baton Rouge was there as well! They had tons of their dogs and puppies out for the big day!
They pulled out all the stops today at the event!  Tons of decorations and awesome volunteers! Peter even came out to help for the day (I usually have to drag him to these things)!
Saturdays are fun spent with friends giving back to a great organization! So glad we had some friends come out to help volunteer!
At the Yelp! table they had tons of ways for people to get involved! Because Yelp! is a non-profit organization, they rely solely on donations! They were selling their adorable shirts and soft drinks with their logo cups for $2!
One of the great things about Yelp! is they are some of the most caring people I know! They truly care about each of the dogs and finding them their "forever homes". Most of the volunteers are currently fostering dogs (and end up falling in love and adopting them)!

At one of the tables outside, they had a couple things going on. They were taking donations of dog food, selling T-shirts + bios about some of the dogs. This was such a great way for people to get to know some of the dogs they may not get to see and possibly sponsor them for their medical and other expenses!

This is Marla, a sweet Rat Terrier mix, who recently underwent surgery to remove one of her eyes due to a degenerative disease. Even though she is completely blind, you would have no idea unless you looked closely. She is such a sweetheart and the entire time I was at the event she was cuddling with her foster Mom and trying to steal our finger sandwiches!
Aww, sweet Georgina. I have no idea what she is a mix of, but she sure is cute! She is such a sweet heart too. She is only about 4 months and such a ball of fun. She wanted to kiss everyone - AHH I wanted to take her home!
Oh, Chews. I love Chews. Nope, his name does not mean that he chews a lot of stuff. His name actually is the last name of the man who rescued him + brought him in. So sweet.

Chews is about 4 months old and is the biggest baby of a dog I have ever seen. He is the epitome of a lap dog and so calm. He sat with Peter like this for about an hour, paws crossed and everything - because he is a gentleman. He really started coming out of his shell later in the day and starting running around pulling us on his leash!
This tub of lard's name is Rex. Rex is a hugger and I mean, literally. He jumps up, wraps his paws around you and holds on until you hug him back. It was hilarious. Rex actually got adopted today by a great family! They had a young son which was perfect for Rex - he needs someone who can keep up with his crazy energy + loveable spirit!
He was Peter's buddy for a little while! Smiling the whole time.

 I wish I would have taken a picture/video/something to capture this because no one will believe me. Imagine a biker guy (very manly type guy) walking up to Georgina - the puppy. As he walks up, I think to myself - Aww, he's going to pet the puppy, how sweet. Then out of nowhere, he starts "puppy talking". {For anyone who has seen, touched, or played with a puppy you know what I mean. It's like baby talk but higher pitched.} Imagine this manly dude, talking to this puppy like that. I had to hold myself back from laughing at him - it was adorable.There really is something special to say about a bond between a dog and a human. There is also something to say about a rescue dog and their rescuer. It's almost as if they know that you saved them and you can see it in their eyes!

After a little while, I headed over to the CAA side to take some pictures of their sweet puppies.

Prepare yourselves. The cuteness is unbearable.

I mean it.

It is almost as if this puppy is saying "Hi. Look at me. Take me home. I like to snuggle."
The cuteness is unreal. Even Peter couldn't contain himself. He wanted him too.

I mean, seriously. This just isn't even fair.
I couldn't get enough. Especially when you added his "crate mate" into the equation.
I am sorry for all the puppy pictures but these little terrier pups were just so scrappy and small I couldn't pass it up! 

One of my favorite things since we got Cabela is having that friendship with his "foster family". We see them everywhere and I love it! They are constantly attending events that we go to (because they still foster dogs) - most of which we bring Cabela to! They love seeing him and I love brining him around so they can see how great he is doing.

These are just a few of her fosters she currently has! I don't know how her family does it - they are truly a super fam! She always has her daughters with her as her helpers - they are adorable. Apparently they had 7 other dogs at home - not counting the ones they brought to Petco!

I wish I knew this dog's name because he was such a cutie when I took pictures. He was so interested in what I was doing and in the noises the camera was making. So precious.
This little pups name is Pipa! She is absolutely the sweetest and so, so young! She just wants to cuddle!
Babe. Yup that's his name. He is also one of her current fosters! Apparently, when he came into the shelter he had ZERO hair and was completely pink. So they named him Babe. If you look at him now, you would never know he had been through such hard times. Every time I tried to take a picture he would jump up and immediately run towards me to see what I was doing. I think I got a pretty awesome picture out of it - look that smile!

If you're interested in adopting a puppy or a dog I highly suggest rescuing one. I know that it may not seem like much. But by saving that one puppy, you have changed at least one life for the better - which is amazing!

One of my favorite quotes about dogs is: "To the world you may be one person, but to your dog you are their world". Makes me cry every time.

If you are interested in adopting, fostering or even just volunteering to play with the dogs. Check out Yelp!BR and CAA's websites for more info!

Have a fit + fantastic + puppy filled day everyone!

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