Monday, May 19, 2014

Petco Adoption Day + Pretty Saturday Afternoons - Part 2

This past Saturday was so eventful I couldn't condense it all into one post! 

After an awesome morning at Petco, volunteering for National Adoption Weekend, Peter and I headed to Trader Joe's so I could pick up some groceries! I have a huge problem when it comes to Trader Joe's.  - Huge. Problem. - I honestly cannot say that I have left with just 1 item before. Or that I have left with what I actually went in there for. I go in with a "list" but leave with the things on the list + way, way more!  

Here was my haul from Trader Joe's on Saturday. Judge me. 
I picked up some of my FAVORITE things this weekend. 
As you know from tons of my posts. I love the French style frozen green beans from Trader Joe's. I honestly could eat them at any time of the day, everyday, for the rest of my life. Honestly.

I also love the Garlic Herb Goat Cheese log. I came across this stuff before Spring Break and came really close to just eating it with a spoon. If you're a goat cheese lover. This stuff is for you. I use the Root Vegetable Chips as the "chip", and the goat cheese as my "dip"!
After unloading all the groceries at my house, we took Cabela over to play with the next door neighbor's dog, Layla. She has a pool, which is the perfect + their favorite place to play!

Layla is our next door neighbor's dog and is a 1 year old yellow lab. She is only a few weeks younger than Cabela and they love each other, If you even say "You wanna go see Layla?" to Cabela his ears immediately perk up and he runs around looking for her! These two have been best buds since my neighbor got her. It's been so fun to see them grow and still love to play with each other!

Then - an even better thing happened. My next door neighbor's daughter recently did an impulse buy.
She bought 2 pygmy goats.

I repeat. She has two pygmy, mini, goats.
Everyone, meet Biscuit and Waffles.  
Biscuit and Waffles, meet everyone.
I laughed so hard for so long at these little things. I even held one for a little while. They are both so crazy and cute!

After playing with the goats (and watching Cabela bark at them forever) we headed back into the pool area so Cabela and Layla could swim.

They played for at least an hour running and jumping into the pool! After alot of coaxing, Peter finally got Cabela to jump from the side.  He usually lays on his stomach and paddles his way in from laying on his stomach... lazy.
Peter couldn't pass up getting in either, I look over and Peter was in the pool too. It was such a nice day, I don't blame him! As soon as he got in Cabela was so confused and jumped in after him and swam towards him! And this happened.
After our pool-time-play session, Peter decided HE wanted to cook tonight! He wouldn't let me help at all. He made mushrooms, green beans and Garlic/Pepper Pork Tenderloin. 
I was all over those green beans. I love green beans (obviously). They are so quick and easy to take out of the freezer and cook in the skillet. They taste so much fresher and crisper than canned to me!

He seasoned the green beans with Olive Oil and Tony's Chachere's. No measurements when you have a boy cooking for ya... But they were amazing!
Gotta get those action shots! 
Then Peter made some incredible mushrooms on the side! He seasoned these with a little bit of butter,  and salt and pepper! YUM.
Since it was such a pretty afternoon and we had been outside for majority of the day, we decided to eat dinner on the back patio. It was so pretty and felt so nice out. Plus, the natural light made for some amazing pictures!
Peter got the pork from H.E.B. in Texas the last time he was there. It was perfectly cooked and seasoned... to perfection. So good, I want to drive to Texas just to pick up another one. I didn't even notice until we started eating that Peter had made us a Paleo dinner. I knew I was rubbing off on him ;) 

One of my favorite times of day is right before sunset. Everyone seems to be in a good mood + relaxed. I love that about Saturday afternoons. This was the view we had while eating dinner. The picture doesn't even do it justice - it felt so nice and was so enjoyable. I could have stayed out there forever! 
Of course Cabela was with us begging for a taste. He may or may not have suckered me into giving him a few bites.


He is a pro at "puppy eyes".
Peter kept making fun of me for taking so many pictures that he took the camera from me and starting taking pictures of me. I don't think he realized how addicting taking pictures with a nice camera really is... He is now obsessed with it just as much as I am. Told ya, Peter.
After dinner we headed inside. I was dying for something sweet but didn't want to ruin the "Paleoness" so I decided to try one of those recipes I have seen on Pinterest. It was so easy!
All you do is take fresh raspberries and put 1 chocolate chip (I used dark chocolate) inside of the hallow part of the raspberry. They were perfect - just the right amount of sweetness!

Peter even said they were good. That's when you know you have a winner. 
Finally, my awesome + crazy + relaxing Saturday ended. 

I love days like Saturday. I especially love spending it with the people I love the most! 

Hope everyone had a great weekend! 

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