Friday, May 23, 2014

Happy FITtastic + GREATful Friday!

Whoa, it's been a while since I've done a FITtastic Friday post.
Ahh -- sorry y'all! Life has been crazy and I've been loving it!

Today's post is half FITtastic and half GREATfull. See what I did there? 

Before I begin, let me start off with this amazing picture I found on Pinterest.
I love everything about this picture. I love the font. I love the beach. And I love the meaning.
This is something I try extremely hard to remember each and every day. To be grateful. Recently, some amazing opportunities have come about -- and I have a lot to be GREATfull for! This is hard for a lot of us to remember. We all get bogged down with what we didn't get that day, or the day before. May it be, that new job, that "A" on that test, or made it to 100 Instagram likes (lol). But sometimes we forget to be thankful for the amazing opportunities we HAVE been given.

This has been my mantra to myself everyday. I am loving it + trying my best to stick to it! Maybe I'll start keeping a small journal next to my bed and write what I'm most grateful for every morning? Hmm... I like that, I'm definitely going to do this. I think this would be an awesome way for me to focus on the positive things rather than the negative + who doesn't want to start their day on the positive side -- who's with me?

One of my main reasons I have been so GREATfull is partially FITtastic too! After a few weeks of starting my blog I reached out to Skinny Girl Daily just for fun to see if I could promote their bars on my blog. For all of my Bravo TV fan friends (or my Skinny Girl Cocktails fans) you guys know that Skinny Girl was started by Bethenny Frankel-- who originally was one of the main stars on The Real Housewives of New York. I have looked up to and loved Bethenny since Season 1 of that show, whenever she started her own company of course I was obsessed with it. So when her company reached out to me and offered me to guest blog for them, I couldn't pass it up.
Obviously I was nervous, never having done this before, so I asked the blog editor (Lisa) a million questions. She told me I was free to blog about any type of workout I pleased, but to keep my audience in mind. Skinny Girl aims towards young adults to middle aged women on the go! They are all about convenience + effectiveness. About an hour later I knew what I wanted to do a rendition of one of my go to workouts for myself. My Jump Rope Circuit.

I wrote up a workout that was along the same lines as the one in my previous post but I totally revamped it. I made it more of a Full Body Jump Circuit to get the job done!

Today -- my post went live on their blog and I could not be happier + more grateful for this fabulous opportunity! Check out my post + try out the workout. Seriously you won't regret it!

Lately I've been on this salad kick lately and it's been great! I recently went to Trader Joe's and bought so much stuff. Some of which was a ton of different lettuces. I love making a salad with different types of lettuces mixed together -- it spices up a normal salad for me -- because with just once lettuce salads are boring ;).
My salad today was iceberg lettuce + arugula + baby carrots + organic cherry tomatoes + sliced turkey seasoned with Italian seasoning.

Okay -- so it sounds so simple right? And sort of boring, I know. But this thing was as my Dad would say "OUT THE BOX" good. I'm thinking it was the Italian seasoning on the turkey, or the fact that I warmed the turkey up before putting it on the salad. OR, maybe it was the Olive Garden dressing... you be the judge of that one.

Another HUGE kick I've been on lately is fresh fruit. Along with my lunch I had a fresh Kiwi, a bag of green Grapes and these little munchkins. These cute little things have the be the simplest and one of the healthiest "desserts" I've ever made. It takes all about, uhmm, 3 seconds to make it. All you do is take X amount of Raspberries and the same amount of Dark Chocolate Chips and then, you put the chocolate chip IN the Raspberry. And BAM -- deliciousness.

This was one of those quick easy recipes I found on Pinterest in my "to make file" and then end up forgetting when I got to eat Raspberries. But I finally did it this weekend and now I am hooked!
Well, that's all for me for right now! I'm heading to Bayou Country Super Fest in LSU Tiger Stadium in about an hour so I've gotta run. I'm so excited to have an awesome night with good friends!
But, stay tuned I've got some more GREATfull posts coming soon!
Hope everyone has a safe + fun Memorial Day Weekend!
Remember what the day is all about-- God Bless America y'all!
Have a fit + fantastic day!



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