Friday, March 21, 2014

hello there!

I did it finally.
What's that?
Well, this... a blog. Finally. I did it.
For a while I have been saying I wanted to do one but it takes a lot more courage to do it than you probably think!
I decided to start this blog as a way to express my love of food, fitness and fun - without having to blow up my friend's Instagrams.
For those who don't know me, or for those who do and want to know me better here ya go!

 My name is Morgan, I'm a Junior at Louisiana State University. I am majoring in Psychology and doubling minoring in both Nutritional Sciences and Sports Studies.

I have a passion for healthy living, fitness and anything that involves a good time. I've recently become involved with an organization called "CHAARG" - Changing Healthy Attitudes and Actions to Recreate Girls. Which started at Ohio State University in 2012.
From only being involved with it as a virtual member It has truly changed my outlook on health and fitness in a short amount of time. I've come to realize that fitness doesn't have to be repetitive but you can make it fun. It isn't about what number you seen on the scale but about how you feel on the outside. Check 'em out!
I have always had a passion for food and healthy eating. I grew up eating anything and everything and have no dislikes to food whatsoever. Except... well, no I like everything! I have always loved to experiment with foods no matter how exotic!
In high school I was very athletic. I played Varsity Soccer for 4 years and senior year I opted to take a class called "FIT" (Fun Intense Training - a triathlon training class) in place of PE. College rolled around and I fell out of my routine. I gained weight, a lot of it. I noticed pants no longer fit me right, dresses were too tight and I didn't feel like myself.
It wasn't until summer going into my Junior year that I realized I needed to get my fitness and my health back on track. My friend, Caroline, and I made a pact to get back into shape and started walking/running the lakes everyday after work. We started out small, running for 2 minutes then walking for 3. Each day we upped the anti and started running for longer and walking for less. We set a goal to be able to run the 4 mile lake route - without stopping. As the summer went on we keep on going along, building endurance and getting fitter by the day. During last 2 weeks of summer, our deadline to meet our goal, Caroline and I both were out of town. When we got back LSU recruitment started and took over our lives.
No running for us.
A few weeks into school a friend of mine asked me to go run with her. I decided "hey, what the heck, lets give it a go!". We just started running... and running... and running and when we stopped we were back where we had started. I had done it! I had accomplished a goal that I hadn't been able to complete since my senior year of high school! And darnnit.
 It felt fan-tas-TIC!
During the year I kept up with my running. And decided to test my limits and sign up for the New Orleans, LA Rock N' Roll Half Marathon in February. I planned, I trained, I triumphed. On February 2nd, 2014 in 2 hours 45 minutes (hey, no one said I was going for a gold medal here or anything) I crossed the finish line of my first Half Marathon. That feeling is something I will never be able to describe. It's like Christmas morning and getting hit by a bus all rolled into one... but really. Accomplishing this goal was one that I set for myself and thought that I would never complete. And crossing that finish line is one that I never will forget.
So here I am. It's March. I'm 7lbs lighter.
I'm Paleo(ish). And I've never felt better.
I have officially decided to make this blog a place to show my journey to become the best fit, healthy, outstanding me that I can be.
Why don't you join me?



Here are a few simple facts you just have to know about me:
1. I am over the moon obsessed with my Black Lab/Catahoula/We don't know what else because we adopted him puppy Cabela. I mean just LOOK AT HIM.  
2. I have an unnatural obsession with canned nacho cheese (yes you read that correctly).  
3. Taco Bell is God's gift to mankind.
4. I have recently adapted "Paleo"ish as my lifestyle after doing it for Lent - AKA see ya later #2 and #3

So this is me.
The unapologetic fitness foodie.
Welcome to my life!

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