Friday, April 25, 2014

Happy FITtastic Friday! - An Early Morning Run and A Radio Love Affair

Have you ever have one of those days where the radio just knows the exact mood you're in?
Today was that kind of day.
On the way home, after my workout, the radio was my best friend.
First he played (yes I am assuming the radio is a he... why? I don't know I just picture the radio as a he...)
R.E.S.P.E.C.T. - Winner.
Then he played You're Smiling Face by James Taylor. - Winner. Winner.
THEN he played You're The One That I Want from Grease. - Winner, winner. Chicken Dinner.
Thank you sir radio for making my morning that much better.
Sincerely with Love, your ever listening, bad singer friend, Morgan.  
Before my love affair with the radio occurred I worked out. My jogging class is coming to a close and we are nearing our 'final". So we did a practice trial of the 5K we will be running next week. Because of this we ran a very different route today and I loved it. We ran from LSU's UREC around the Parade Grounds and back. I love getting out and running new routes. It's good for the soul - I think.

After my jogging class I went to the REC to workout some more. This was my first time back in the gym since Spring Break and phew was I feeling it today. It truly amazes me how out of shape you can get in a little over a week.
I worked through it though and did my best - which is what it is all about!

Here's Today's workout:
After my strength workout I did my own version of 8 minute abs.
8 minute Abs:
1. Crunches
2. Alternating Elbow to Knee (right)
3. Alternating Elbow to Knee (left)
4. Push Throughs
5. High Plank
6. Butt lifts
7. Flutter Kicks
8. Cross Legged Crunch
 *do each exercise for 1 minute
I finished up and headed home. That is when my love affair with the radio began (see above). Since I was in such a great mood I decided to make a light and colorful smoothie for a post workout refuel! 
This may have been one of the simplest/easy smoothies I have ever concocted.
Berry Blast Smoothie:
1.5 cups Frozen Berry Medley
1 cup Coconut Water
1/2 TBSP Chia Seeds
*All from Trader Joe's
So easy, so simple and so refreshing!
I decided to whip up one of my favorite side dishes to go with my lunch (which was Turducken).
Side note: we had this over the weekend for Easter. When we told my cousin what it was he couldn't understand the concept of it. He didn't get that it was a Chicken stuffed into a Duck stuffed into a Turkey. He kept asking "How do they find a Turkey who ate a Duck who ate a Chicken? That's gotta be rare!" Still makes me laugh!
Back to the business of these delicious green beans.
Green beans.
I love them. I recently discovered the French Style frozen Green Beans from Trader Joe's! They are so quick and easy that is amazes me. It's even is shorter than microwaving them - plus they taste better when you cook them in the pan.
 This is how I make mine and they are to die for.

I use about 1.5 cups of frozen Green Beans
1 TSP Olive Oil
3-4 TBSP Worcestershire Sauce
Garlic Powder, Onion Powder, Garlic Salt to taste.
(I like mine over seasoned so I put a lot. So much, you may judge me...)

This was the deliciousness that was my lunch.
I love Turducken. It's God's gift to mankind. We'll I don't think God made a Chicken stuffed Duck stuffed Turkey. But he did make the Chicken, Duck and Turkey so it's basically the same thing.
Before I headed off to work I wanted to open up a package I had received from AboutTime Protein. This company was gracious enough to send me a HUGE sample of all of their products to try and they have tons of great stuff!
I absolutely cannot wait to try the Birthday Cake flavor Protein Powder and the Watermelon Preworkout! I have seen great reviews and I cannot wait to make mine!
I couldn't help myself and brought one of the bars to work and had half as a snack! I tried the Dark Chocolate Brownie. It was fabulous. The great thing about these bars - that I didn't know until today - is that the ingredients on their bars are very minimal.
The ingredients for the Brownie bar are: Dates, Egg White Protein, Pecans, Cocoa, and Chicory Root Fiber.
It's not everyday that you can actually pronounce every word on an ingredient label!
I am very impressed!
Along with being impressed, I am full! I ate half of the bar as a snack and was completely satisfied!
After work I inadvertently worked on one of my April Goals - catch up with long lost friends. I went to meet up with two of my friends from high school for drinks and ended up hanging out with 6 people from high school I haven't hung out with in forever!

We went to Caliente Mexican Craving a super fun, atmospheric place near LSU. I love this place. I'm actually a regular there, I'm surprised I don't have a dish named after me... yet.
I started off with a mojito and a side of Caliente queso.
Always a fantastic pair.
For my dinner, I couldn't decide what to get so I told the waitress to decide for me. She said her favorite dish was the Pork Street Tacos with the Green Tomatillo Salsa on corn tortillas dinner with a side of black beans. I told her I trusted her and got that. This dish was seriously amazing. It was on a corn tortilla with deliciously seasoned pork and pineapples. I added a lot of the Green Tomatillo Salsa which added such a great spice to it!
And plus look how bright and colorful it is!
On Fridays and Saturdays Caliente has local bands come and play on their outside patio. Today was the perfect day to sit outside, have a few drinks with friends and listen to the band.
The band was amazing tonight. They played fun songs that everyone knew and could sing along with! I think they were called Simple Interest.
Overall I would have to say that today was definitely a FIT and FANTASTIC Friday! Remember to make the most out of your days and spend it with those who matter most to you. Move out of your comfort zone and be spontaneous! I know today I really felt that I did that!
I hope everyone had as great a day!
Have a great weekend!
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 *Disclaimer: The AboutTime products were sent to me as a promotional item for my review. I love the products anyway and was more than happy to promote them on my blog. I received no compensation and my opinions are mine and mine alone.


  1. Hey Morgan! I graduated from SJA with Madison!
    I LOVE your blog! I truly look forward to your posts. And the band is called Simple Interest!

    1. Thankf you so much Peyton! I really appreciate it!
      Thanks for telling me the name! I thought that's what they said but wasn't positive :)