Friday, April 11, 2014

Happy FITtastic Friday!

Friday is HERE!
Spring Break is HERE!
I could not be more excited.  
Today my jogging instructor told us that it was not mandatory to come to class. But she did say that if we did not run the 2.7 miles today we would have to make it up over the break and email her. I said what the heck, might as well get up and go to class as normal and get it over with. Normally I run the entire time during the run. But, today she told us we had no time limit and could take as long as we wanted to run the 2.7 miles that we were required to run for the day. I ran most of the way until I got here and had to stop and take this picture.
I love waking up early and running before the rest of the world starts bustling around. I stood here for a few minutes and took it in. I didn't want to leave but I figured my instructor would probably send out a search party because there were only 4 students out of 25 that showed up for class today. So I kept running.
When I got back to the UREC I headed inside to start my workout. Of course, since it was Friday I decided to "treat ma self" (Thank you Parks and Rec) to a butt kickin' workout.
And it is a killer.
I wrote up this workout in November when I was really starting to get back into working out. I was feeling super ambitious when I wrote this because the first time I did it, was also the last time I did it, until today. I did this one time in the Fall semester and haven't touched it since. It has been tacked up on my bulletin board ever since.
Today, I decided to take it down.
And I am SO glad I did.
The first time I did this workout, in the Fall, I could barely do it.
But today, I rocked it!
I felt strong the whole way through and didn't take a break until my allotted rest time!
When I first started the circuit I got all of the equipment I would need for the workout together and put it on the Ab mats with the sheet of paper that I had written my workout on. As I started my second lap, of my first set of runs, I passed by where my equipment was set up and noticed a guy was moving my stuff over so he could workout on the mats. I immediately felt bad because I knew I was taking up practically the entire area and planned to apologize. When I got there I ran over to him and said that I was so sorry for taking up so much room!
He said "Oh no don't worry about it! I was looking at your workout.... that's INTENSE! Go you!"
Whoa! What a confidence builder!
Thank you kind stranger, thank you!
 This immediately put me in the best mood and helped me power through this workout!
It's all about the little things people!
Make someone's day and compliment them on something amazing they are doing/have done!
Now, let's do this!  
After this cardio Circuit I did a few more exercises:
Arm Pull Machine - 4x15
Squat Curtsy - 30 each leg
Forearm Plank - 30 seconds
Forearm Plank - Toe Touches
(Same as forearm plank but touch each leg out to the side, bring it back to center and then do opposite leg)
In and Out Abs - 1 minute
Dips 3x10 - (2 sets alternating leg raise)
*I did it without the bench that is seen in the video
During my entire workout I think I saw, hmm.. 2 people...
That's my favorite time to be at the gym. I love being able I have it all to myself and grab everything and use every machine without having to worry about someone pouncing on it.
 This workout hand me sweating.
 I am telling you I think people were concerned when I walked out because it was so bad... but that's when you know it was a great workout! At least for me anyway!
On the plus side, my arms looked like this afterwards, so I ain't complaining one bit!
 It's the little things like this that keep me going. Seeing progress day by day makes me want to keep getting up early in the mornings and do my daily workouts. I realize that continuing on this path each day will give me results!
For the longest time I always had problems with self discouragement. If I worked out for 3 days straight and didn't see results I would give up. I would think that if I didn't see the results now why should I keep going?
So I'd throw in the towel and give up.
Now, looking at how far I have come just from the Summer, I am beyond proud of myself. I now know that in order to be the best me I can be, I have to work towards it. It won't come easy. But I know that if I keep going the way that I am I will be where I want to be!  
I found these quotes on Pinterest and loved them. They were just so fitting for today!
I know these are quotes I have to constantly repeat to myself to carry me through the day!

Have a great Spring Break Everyone and have a FIT and FITtastic Friday everyone!

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