Sunday, March 23, 2014

A Beautiful Saturday and a Spur the Moment Picnic!

Saturday mornings with nothing to do are my absolute jam. There's so much happiness and so much fun I just can't contain my excitement!
One of my favorite Saturday morning activities is to go to the Red Stick Farmer's Market on Main Street in downtown Baton Rouge.
Everything is local and they have great prices! They have anything and everything you can think of: different kinds of fresh homemade bread, cheese, fresh meat, milk, fresh whole chicken, veggies, plants, flowers, eggs, premade soups, a place for the kids... SERIOUSLY they have it all!
Over the summer I would go every Saturday morning and cry out of happiness! But with school going on it's sometimes hard to get out of bed that early. But I promise, it's worth it. It's such a great sight to see so many people up early on Saturdays with their families, getting out, enjoying the day and eating local!
Here's a little snippet of my fav things from the market this weekend!
I love, love, love fresh honey! There is something about the taste that just DOES NOT compare to store bought whatsoever!
Bocage Bee and Honey Co. has fresh, local honey that is to die for! They also have the cutest soaps and candles that are adorable.
Go up and ask them to taste any and all kinds of their honey and they will gladly break out the tiny spoons and let you have your go!
I am obsessed with their "Old Bridge" honey! It's right near my house which is great and I know it's definitely local, so that's a plus!
There are so many benefits of eating honey that is local to your area. One of the best is it helps build up your immune system and helps control allergies.
As you walk down Main Street you will come across tons of farmers and their families and each of them have a story. One of my personal favorite is these goat cheese farmers.
I'll admit. I have an obsession with cheese. All cheese.
Most especially, goat cheese.
These people are at the Farmer's Market basically every weekend and they never disappoint.
They have SO MANY different types of flavors it is overwhelming... But don't worry, they have a small table set up to the left of all the flavors with free samples. I may have had a little more of my fair share of those free samples... whoops!
 This week I got the Tuscan flavor. I have no clue what is in this stuff but it tastes like heaven so I'm okay with a little mystery in my life.
Some of their flavors include:
Sea Salt, Cracked Pepper, "Sweet Home Jalapeno", Tomato Roma and that's just to name a few!
Besides my goat cheese and honey I also bought 1/2 a flat of strawberries and a huge, ginormous head of crunchy lettuce.
If you have a free Saturday morning I highly suggest going check this place out! It is a great representation of all that BR has to offer. And all the people are so welcoming!
After the market, Peter and I decided to grab some lunch to-go and find a spot to enjoy the morning! We picked up Jimmy John's took the long way to the BREC Milford Wampold Park aka "Baton Rouge Beach". Sometimes you just have to enjoy the ride.
Look how beautiful this view is! This is one of my favorite things about LSU.
Every turn around the lake route there's another beautiful view!
This picture doesn't do it justice as to how many people were out running/walking in the morning! It was jam packed with people! I love it!
And... let the picnic commence! It was such a good idea to do this. Something about random adventures does the body good.
 Cabela loved it too. It was his first time in the sand, I don't know about you but I think he loved it... what do y'all think?
Seriously, look at that smile on his face!
If you haven't found this out yet, Jimmy John's does this thing called an "unwich" basically it's whatever sandwich you want, but without the bread and wrapped in an Iceberg lettuce leaf!
My go-to JJ sandwich is always the Totally Tuna Unwich, but today I was feelin' the roast beef so I got the Big John Unwich! So delicious, definitely the right decision!
It's just so fresh and crisp it just makes ya feel good!
Overall my morning was fantastic and couldn't have planned it better myself!
In review. I love Saturdays. I love the Farmer's Market. I love Cabela. Cabela loves sand. And I love Unwiches!
Hope everyone has a restful + fun Saturday!

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