Thursday, June 19, 2014

JOJO's Chocolate Bark : GIVEAWAY

Good Morning Everyone + Happy Thursday!
Today we have another exciting thing happening on the blog -- a GIVEAWAY!
And it's the best kind of giveaway....
A chocolate giveaway... + it's Paleo friendly ; )  
Say hello to JOJO's Chocolate, the absolute love of my life.
Hi, JOJO's nice to meet you!
Now that we are all introduced, let me tell you the story about how we met (it's actually quite romantic...)
I came across JOJO's Chocolate Bark through another blogger and entered into a giveaway she was doing! Well, I didn't win -- but I knew I had to try this product out (+ knew JOJO's and I were a match made in heaven... chocolate heaven) and reached out to them and they were more than excited to work together!
After I tried the product I knew I had to let you guys in on this amazingness... it's that good!
I first talked about JOJO's in my post here and ranted and raved out it! I just love how fresh and natural their product is and how it isn't flavored bark, you can actually see the ingredients they put into it!
Oh, did I mention it only has 5 ingredients?
Yes! So simple + delicious
Ingredients: Dark Chocolate, Raw Almonds, Raw Pistachios, Cranberries, and all Natural Gnarly Whey Protein.
Each serving (1 ounce) is only 152 Calories, 10g Carbs, 11g Fat, and 4g Protein! And it's so filling. It's the perfect afternoon snack to keep you energized, full so you don't end up craving something extremely fattening!
You can actually see how homemade the bars are... honestly it looks like a little chocolate elf whipped this up and sent it right to you for your to enjoy! 

You guys know I LOVE companies who strive for the best no matter what! This is one of those companies.  JOJO's  motto is "Cure the craving!" and their main goal is to serve their consumers something that will help them stay motivated and reach their fitness goals! They also pride themselves on using very little sugar and possess the ability to cure anyone's hankering chocolate cravings!  
While I was writing this post I was looking through their website and found this. And I LOVE that they have this -- it truly shows you how much they strive to be better than any other "chocolate company" out there.
I know for me this was super eye opening to me! I would 100% rather eat a product I can see the ingredients + are more natural!
And of course while I was taking pictures I couldn't resist... so I took a bite! AHH I love this stuff, honestly, I do and I cannot wait for one of you guys to be able to try this stuff and understand why!
Okay let's get to this giveaway! This GIVEAWAY is going on from Today until June 25th so you've got tons of time to enter + spread the word!
One lucky reader will get 10 servings -- aka 10 days worth of chocolate bark (but you must. restrain. self. from. eating. all. at. once.) delivered right to your door!
This giveaway is going to be very similar to my Erin Condren Giveaway but I would love to add a little more excitement to this one + engage you guys more! So when you comment with your name + email I'd love to hear why you guys love chocolate! Be creative -- I want to hear it all! I absolutely love reading comments on posts! : )
Here's how you enter!
1. Complete the mandatory parts of the giveaway entry below!  
2. For added points towards your entry, you can subscribe to my blog here!
3. Comment on this post with your Name + Email to verify your entry! 
4. When you comment tell me why you LOVE chocolate! : )
Good luck everyone! I know you guys will absolutely love this chocolate so stay tuned!
I will announce the WINNER on Thursday morning (June 26th)!
Have a fit + fantastic day!

*Disclaimer: The JOJO's Chocolate products were sent to me as a promotional item for my review. I love the products anyway and was more than happy to promote them on my blog. I received no compensation and my opinions are mine and mine alone.


  1. LOVE the fact that there is a healthier option for those chocolate cravings!

  2. My love for chocolate is as pure as JoJo's bark. Can't even describe how crazy I am for chocolate. I didn't even know there was a healthier option like this! If I could eat chocolate and not feel guilty about it EVER, I would die peacefully. 2addicted <3

  3. I love chocolate because it satisfies my sweet teeth. (Sweet tooth would be an understatement!)

  4. i LOVE chocolate because i have the largest sweet tooth in the worlddddd but love to workout / eat healhty for the most part --- and havent you seen chocolate is "good for you" ;) !?